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Now a days Huawei is a very popular Mobile Phone brand. People are crazy for Huawei Mobile devices. Huawei Mobile are powered by Huawei Technologies Co. Behind every success, there are some histories in past. Like this there are some past histories of Huawei phones success and gets popularity in the public mind. So today we will discuss all about Huawei Mobile Phone brand and all the other things you need to know. Let’s get started. To See Latest Phones and Upcoming Phones.

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Huawei Mobile Phone History:

Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking Company. It is also an IT telecommunications equipment feature. And also Services Company which headquartered in Shenzhen. The company was founded by Ren Zhengfei in 1987. Then it was just a networking company. Then the company developed itself and brought various kind of products for public. Therefore day by day it get more popularity towards people. Then it started to launch its smartphones.

After getting popularity, Huawei developed their devices and other instruments. The company launches many products the Huawei phone company gets more popularity. They start to launches smartphones in market. And also they stay in their rank without any problems. So Huawei started to get famous among people. It was intelligent idea to the company chairman to launch flagship kill phones.

Now Huawei is one of the Best brand in the Mobile Mobile Phone world. Huawei uses their own chip for producing a smartphone. This brand UI is better than any others. The Huawei Brand HiSilicon Kirin mother is one of the best motherboard. Which gives you the best user experience. Most of the smartphone use MALI series GPU. It gives you smooth performance. Making different is fashion of Huawei Mobile. The P20 and P20 pro is one of them. Which is looking good also has Triple cameras in rear. Simply it is the best. No other camera can beat Huawei camera. The Leica optics and powerful flash makes it best of the best. So we can easily say that Huawei is one of the best Brand in the world. The brand is famous for its design, camera, powerful processor and many other things.

Some Huawei Devices:

We know that the brand is now one of the top brands in the world. Everybody likes its dashing design and powerful processor. So it might be the best choice for people. In those days Huawei launches many smartphone devices. Like all other brands Huawei has a series of phone. It starts from low budget and stay till the flagship killer expensive one. In order to know all about the series you have to stay connected with us.

“Y” Series:

It is Huawei low budget smartphone. Huawei uses less resolution of the display and low performing motherboard in this phone. The phone uses good quality cameras in mid-range. Probably the phone is for middle-class people. Some people don’t have ability to buy the high budget smartphone. But Huawei Y series make it in real. For this low budget phone everyone can carry a smartphone. Huawei Y3, Y6, Y7, Y7 pro and Huawei Y9 are famous among them.
“Media Pad” Series: Simple this is Huawei Tablet series.

This phone company is also famous for providing tablet also. Huawei provide best quality of tablet. Most of the business man are interested in Huawei tablets. Huawei media pad is famous for its good quality of design, better camera which can take good quality still images, big battery performance which gives you lots of usage time. Media pad 2, Media pad 3, and Media Pad 4 are famous among of them.

“Honor” Series:

This is Huawei one of the top series which make the phone company more famous. This series products are stable quality products. The devices of Honor series is very durable and also the design is very fantastic. Moreover we can call the heart of Huawei Mobile is honor Series. It comes with best quality of display and great quality of camera. The series most important thing is there are more quality and more option among price range. The display size is normal. All other things are minimalistic in this Series.Honor 6, Honor 7, Honor 8, Honor 8 lite, Honor 9I, and Honor 9N are the best productions.

“Mate” Series:

Huawei mate series is one of the best series for them who loves bigger display in high range phone. This series produce phone with bigger display. It also provide good battery backup. So Honor Mate series is better than any other series. This also provide best quality of cameras. Honor mate 10 camera was the best camera ever in 2017. Also Mate 10 design was best. The rating out of 10 is 9.5 all the public uses Mate 10. There are also pro version of Huawei Mate 10.

“P” Series:

Huawei P series is the best series among all of the series. All the flagship killer comes from this series. The best device is Huawei P20 Lite and Huawei P20 Pro. World greatest phone comes from Huawei Company. It is really nothing but everything. The build quality is really looking great. Also The Camera is famous for this series. The first uses of triple cameras is comes with this series. So surely we can say it is the best series ever.

What Feature makes Huawei devices better than others:

There are many things to be noted what makes Huawei devices better than the other smartphones. The build quality of Huawei mobile is better than any other devices. Huawei is one of the companies which provides good quality smartphones in low budget. If we talk about build quality, it just awesome. Wonder comes from Huawei Devices.
You must know Huawei use their own chipset in their smartphones. The Kirin 970 is most powerful chipset in this year. Which is compared with Intel processor which generally uses in a medium quality computer. So you must make out that how powerful the processor is!

Some powerful devices come with this chipset. Among them, Huawei mate 10 and Huawei P20 pro is the best invention from Huawei. Also the quality of design is best both of the phones.
If we talk about camera, then the prize goes to Huawei. At the first time Huawei use triple cameras in their smartphones which never used before. It is a big change of a phone company.

It is really a technological revolution is going on this world. Above all we can see Huawei Mobile is developed day by day. It will be the next generation in the future. Thanks for connecting with Mobileraj.

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