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Upcoming Mobile Phones Price, Specifications and in Bangladesh

Mobileraj isn’t working only with the phone which already released but also Mobileraj working with upcoming mobile phones. That means we always updated from others. Every single details will be published here of upcoming phones in Bangladesh. So it will be helpful to you find your own choice. You can also change your choice by viewing this and also can wait the next devices.

The necessity of Publishing Upcoming Mobile Phones:

We need to know everything before buying a smartphone. Some websites published Rumored of a smartphone or published all their own concept. For that the customers are getting confused before buying a smartphone. To solve this issue we are working with upcoming mobile phones in Bangladesh. It is only for Bangladeshi people.

We told before some websites make Rumored of a smartphone and create hype in general people. But when company launch the device then people must notice that the previous information and the real information aren’t same. Then he feels worry about it. He not only lost his time but also lost his hope. For Example before releasing apple iPhone 6 most of us must watch a video which was viral then about the next phone apple iPhone 6. But in Real there wasn’t any truth about the device which was shown in video. Many of us lose their hope and worried about apple. That was just a concept video by someone. So please never believe in any rumored news.To solve the issue of confectioning we are working hard. We are connected with the every single smartphone company and collect all the real news of upcoming mobile phones in Bangladesh. Stay with us we are always trying to give you our best support. We must do it what we say.

Upcoming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh:

There are many smartphone company which are producing new smartphones day by day. Technology is developing itself. For this we always see something new. Like this Example a Chipset Company Snapdragon was started with a normal Chipset now we can see the latest version of Snapdragon 845. Most of the Flagship Killer Smartphone company using this motherboard for their success.

Some Upcoming Phone Functions

This week Optimus launched the BlackBerry Evolve and EvolveX smartphones in India, Honor introduced the Note 10 smartphone, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S4 and the new Tab A 2018 10.5″, Motorola introduced the Moto Z3, and lots more from this week in our weekly roundup.

Samsung accidentally outed a promo video that revealed some of the features of the Galaxy Note9 that will go official on August 9th. Now the retail box of the smartphone has surfaced that reveals complete specifications of the smartphone. This reveals a 6.4-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED screen, slightly larger than the 6.2-inch screen on the S9+ and a bigger 4000mAh battery, however, Samsung says to retain the SoC and the camera from the S9+. Which must be most wanted upcoming mobile phones in Bangladesh.

Rumors so far been suggesting that Apple might be introducing a new dual-SIM variant of the upcoming iPhones. This will allow users to use two SIM cards. Also with dual standby. However, it appears this functionality could limit to iPhones that will launch in China. According to Foxconn source, the dual-SIM, and dual standby feature could be exclusive to the 6.1-inch low-cost LCD iPhone model which will be the game-changing option for all.

Motorola introduced the Moto Z3 phone with 5G Moto Mod earlier this week, few months after it introduced the Moto Z3 Play. However, the Z-series phone never really gained the attention and sale figures the company wanted, and with that in mind, the company on Twitter confirmed that it wouldn’t be launching anymore Moto Z-series phones in 2018.

The conclusion of Upcoming Mobile Phones in Bangladesh:

We are Bangladeshi. Many of us addicted with smartphones. Suppose we can survive without Television, air condition, freeze and other things. But now a days without a smartphone we aren’t able to survive a single days. We are egger to know everything about a smartphone. We are using a phone. But we also notice about an upcoming phone we search everywhere in internet for searching an upcoming device for better choice.

So Mobileraj is here to provide every single details of an upcoming smartphone with real information not any rumor or not our own concept. We are connecting with every smartphone company and hunting real information of an upcoming mobile phones in Bangladesh.

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